As all my clients know, shooting Boudoir is my life’s passion. To really get in and capture a woman’s essence is food for my soul. Boudoir sessions are fun, always wine or champagne, great sexy music playing, the vibe is intimate and really makes you feel uninhibited. Ladders, lights, hairstylists, endless necklaces, shoes, hats make it an unforgettable experience.

Sophisticated, Chic

Beautiful Boudoir San Diego

About the author

Laura Bravo Mertz/Solifoto is an international wedding and boudoir photographer based in San Diego. Her unique "editorial style" approach brings a sophisticated edge to every portrait she captures. Her distincive technique with boudoir photography brings out the "goddess" in every woman; making her clients feel relaxed, gorgeous and confident. When she's not shooting supermodels and supermoms she is often in the company of her husband Rich, their two children Sofia and Ethan and their beloved 5 pound teacup chiweenie Pablito.