Fitness Professional HeadshotsI love shooting all types of professionals, I’ve shot them all, judges, dentists, interior designers, attorneys, motivational speakers. I feel so lucky and priviledged to meet all types of people and really get in tune with the message they want to portray to their clients.  In short, I need to really get to know these people fast so I can best capture their “essence”.
This particular shoot with Gina Goff of GG Fitness was a blast because Gina is close friend of mine so it was easy to portray her dediciation, knowlegde and passion for her Zumba and personal training businesses.
When I look up any professional that I will use, I always look up their website and look at their pictures, particularly their face and expression. An image is so powerful that I often make my decision if I like what their face “tells” me. Of course I read their credentials and read their blogs etc…but a picture truly says so much. Are they friendly, are they approachable, is this person passionate about what they do?
Please check out the very talented, friendly and inspiring Gina Goff at

She will be bringing Zumba and Bootcamps to San Elijo Hills (San Elijo Hills Park) starting April 16th

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Laura Bravo Mertz/Solifoto is an international wedding and boudoir photographer based in San Diego. Her unique "editorial style" approach brings a sophisticated edge to every portrait she captures. Her distincive technique with boudoir photography brings out the "goddess" in every woman; making her clients feel relaxed, gorgeous and confident. When she's not shooting supermodels and supermoms she is often in the company of her husband Rich, their two children Sofia and Ethan and their beloved 5 pound teacup chiweenie Pablito.