Boudoir is one of my favorites to shoot.  It can be intimidating for a client to put herself out there.  “Hi, nice to meet you, now let’s get your skivvies on!”  Every lady has her own boundaries and parameters and the energy I strive to project is that I want each lady to know and trust that I will make them look beautiful, extraordinary and most of all, still themselves.  Female Empowerment of the Goddess within each of us.

This particular beautiful client was a bit shy but we got into a rhythm and then the magic happens!

About the author

Laura Bravo Mertz/Solifoto is an international wedding and boudoir photographer based in San Diego. Her unique "editorial style" approach brings a sophisticated edge to every portrait she captures. Her distincive technique with boudoir photography brings out the "goddess" in every woman; making her clients feel relaxed, gorgeous and confident. When she's not shooting supermodels and supermoms she is often in the company of her husband Rich, their two children Sofia and Ethan and their beloved 5 pound teacup chiweenie Pablito.